It used to be that when one wants to symbolize the unity or joining of two families in the marriage of their children, it was the unity candle that was used. Today, however, the tradition is changing since the make-up of families today are already blended, meaning that sometimes that are more than one set of parents, and sometimes there are step parents who would be present in the ceremony. So, instead of choosing who will light the two candles representing two families, you can create something else, something unique to incorporate all family members.

The wedding sand ceremony is now being chosen by couples during their wedding celebration instead of lighting the unity candle. Many people today have perhaps not heard of a wedding sand ceremony but it is surely getting popular these days most especially if the wedding is going to be held in or near a beach. The arrangement of the ceremony site includes a tabled placed in the middle decorated with the wedding theme, with a glass vase in the middle of it. This vase will hold the sand contributed by each special person that will take part in the ceremony.

Most often, two colors are chosen by the couple to represent the two families. When each parents walks down the aisle, he or she will walk to the sand table and pout in a small amount of their color of sand, alternating colors as they symbolize the joining of the families. These small vessels containing the colored sand can be placed around the glass unity vase on the table. This was, the parents can simply walk to the table, pick up the container of colored sand, and pour some sand into the unity vase. There are no hard and fast rules as to who will pour sand from in the vase. Sometimes couples even include their grandparents into the ceremony. It is the couple who decides if they want different generations represented, so they should include small containers of sand to represent whoever is included in the sand ceremony.

Near the end of the wedding ceremony, the couple will talk to the table and pout in the remaining two containers of sand into the unity vase. This unity vase, like the unity candle, represents the two families that are now one. The bride and groom will also have a beautiful cherished gift from their wedding ceremony to display long after the celebration is over so click here for supplies now.

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