The Wedding Sand Ceremony Tradition


A wedding is the beginning of a new life for just about everyone. It is a new journey of life and love. This is why you get to see different traditions of various cultures with regards to weddings. Adding in all these traditions to your wedding just makes the day more memorable and meaningful. This, however, does not mean that you have to engage all the traditional practices on your wedding day. It would be best if you focused on one significant and visible tradition. For example having a sand wedding ceremony, this is a practice that is not only a great choice for the couple wedding but also for their families and friends by extension.

Come to think of it; a sand ceremony wedding is an idea considered unique once compared to other ceremonies. It brings about a sort of serenity and easiness. Wedding sand ceremonies are likened to beach weddings as in a way they complement each other. Wedding sand ceremonies are more than often observed as traditional types of events. For most people haven’t settled for these types of ceremonies, you could try bringing a new vibe to even members of your families. Trying a wedding sand ceremony could be a way of opening doors to many beautiful opportunities.

Sand, in this case, is used to showing union between the newly-weds. What you do not know is that the sand has different meanings. Traditionally, colored sand was used. There were two colors mainly, which symbolized the love or rather affection of the bride and her groom. So for this to happen, two containers filled with sand were prepared. The groom and bride then come together after exchanging their vows each holding their vial of sand. They then pour the sand in a clear vase. This action is done to show their unity as man and woman or as most people refer to it, husband and wife. These mixed sand colors is a symbol of the newly-weds formed a union. This vase that holds the both grains of sand also is a symbol. It is said that this vase represents how marriage is supposed to weather everything.

The most beautiful thing about wedding sand ceremonies is that it can be of two families, remarkably, it can involve the old folks who wish to bless their unions or celebrate their love life once again. This beautiful wedding visual will forever keep you happy just at the mere thought of it. Different cultures have different approaches to wedding sand ceremonies, and hence you might get to see their approach to what the sand symbolizes differs in a way or another. If interested, try getting to do some research such as at Sandsational Sparkle so that you understand what the traditions mean in your culture.

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Why Have A Wedding Sand Ceremony?


It used to be that when one wants to symbolize the unity or joining of two families in the marriage of their children, it was the unity candle that was used. Today, however, the tradition is changing since the make-up of families today are already blended, meaning that sometimes that are more than one set of parents, and sometimes there are step parents who would be present in the ceremony. So, instead of choosing who will light the two candles representing two families, you can create something else, something unique to incorporate all family members.

The wedding sand ceremony is now being chosen by couples during their wedding celebration instead of lighting the unity candle. Many people today have perhaps not heard of a wedding sand ceremony but it is surely getting popular these days most especially if the wedding is going to be held in or near a beach. The arrangement of the ceremony site includes a tabled placed in the middle decorated with the wedding theme, with a glass vase in the middle of it. This vase will hold the sand contributed by each special person that will take part in the ceremony.

Most often, two colors are chosen by the couple to represent the two families. When each parents walks down the aisle, he or she will walk to the sand table and pout in a small amount of their color of sand, alternating colors as they symbolize the joining of the families. These small vessels containing the colored sand can be placed around the glass unity vase on the table. This was, the parents can simply walk to the table, pick up the container of colored sand, and pour some sand into the unity vase. There are no hard and fast rules as to who will pour sand from in the vase. Sometimes couples even include their grandparents into the ceremony. It is the couple who decides if they want different generations represented, so they should include small containers of sand to represent whoever is included in the sand ceremony.

Near the end of the wedding ceremony, the couple will talk to the table and pout in the remaining two containers of sand into the unity vase. This unity vase, like the unity candle, represents the two families that are now one. The bride and groom will also have a beautiful cherished gift from their wedding ceremony to display long after the celebration is over so click here for supplies now.

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Have a Perfect Wedding!


If planning for a wedding, why not go for something different that will awe your audience? Wedding comes in your life once. Thus, it would be ideal for you to make it as remarkable as possible. One of the best options for you to adhere is to go for sand wedding. Doing a sand ceremony can definitely make your big day fantastic. There is a chance for you to express your message to your families and friends as well as the unity and the bondage that you want to attain.

You don’t have to be troubled when you have to adhere with sand ceremony on your big day. The process that you will be dealing with is an easy one. All you need are simple preparations in order to make the sand ceremony possible to happen. Here are some of the things that you need to consider so as to make your preparations successful. Read on!

First and foremost, you need to consider the spot where you want your big day to happen. It would be perfect for you to have a venue where your guests can have the perfect view of the sand ceremony even if they are looking backside. In relation to this, you have to set your venue accordingly where everyone is positioned properly in witnessing your wedding day. Regardless of the position they have, it would be good that they will be able to see the couple of the wedding because apparently, you are the highlight of the sand ceremony with supplies from Sandsational Sparkle.

Another important factor that you have to take into account is setting the scene. It would be perfect to have on the table a jar of sand and a vase that will appear extraordinarily on the eyes of the guests. They will be able to see something different upon attending your wedding. You need to pay attention even to the smallest details in order for you to give awe to your guests. It is vital for you to choose a nice table and a pretty cloth that will be used in covering the tables. You have to set up the table that will match your theme. It would also be perfect for you to scatter petals of flowers, shells and other accents that will enhance the view of your venue during your wedding sand ceremony. You have to make sure that your accents match your motif so as to make it perfect!

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